Asche 1945 (English)

Asche-Deutschland-1945 Is the first film to unbury the horrors endured by the german population in the hands of the allied nations (USA, UK, and the Soviet Russia). The film will deal with the following topics:

This film is our sincere homage to the victims sacrified by the communist regime in complot with the anglosaxonic democracies, aswell as to those who were murdered or expelled from their lands.

Shorlty before the war ended the heads of the american, british and russian nations agreed on the dismemberment of Germany.
The communist nations under the lead of Soviet Russia (and with the aproval of USA and UK) proceeded to take the spoils of war, Czech acquired the sudetenland, Poland gained Schlesien, Pommern a part of Brandeburg and a part of Ostpreussen, Russia gained northern Ostpreussen and was awarded with the occupation and slavement of half of germany while USA and UK would control the rest of the, now in ruins and defenseless, country.

Soviet Russia pursued a policy of destruction of german identity in those provinces that were swallowed by them or its soviet satellites. Ostpreussen was an example of the ethnic cleansing adopted against the germans. Mass rape of children and women was implemented, men were executed or deported to labor camps, historical buildings razed to the ground, houses and farms destroyed.

Aproximately 17 million of germans were expelled from former german territories, of wich 4 millions died of cold, starvation or were murdered before reaching the new borders of the post-war germany.

The new bizzarre east frontier, the Oder-Neisse linie, (ratified by the subsequent treacherous democracies) became a symbol of the destruction of the german identity. When one wants to find the explanation of the current situation of the vaterland, one must remember that the Oder-Neisse linie is not a frontier, is a river of blood, an open wound that will not heal.

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